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Rejection: the deepest wound of the soul

Rejection: the deepest wound of the soul

Soul or existential wounds condition our thoughts, words and actions, as well as our relationships with others. They were first identified by the American psychiatrist John Pierrakos. The Canadian therapist Lise Bourbeau wrote about them in her international bestseller, “The 5 Wounds of the Soul that Prevent You from Being Yourself”. They are often inherited from our parents and follow us since our childhood.

There are 5 soul wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice.

The deepest one is the wound of rejection. It happens at birth because the pregnancy is not wanted or the sex of the unborn child is contrary to the conscious or unconscious expectations of the parents. If one is born with this wound, even if the parent is not then consciously rejecting, the problem of finding one’s place remains. The search for meaning is at the center of our lives and we suffer from feeling illegitimate. We look for our place.

As a result, we wear a mask to protect ourselves and we condition ourselves in order to avoid living a painful situation again. We constantly seek the approval of others and we do not dare to give our opinion. We forbid ourselves to exist, to be happy and to know love. This leads to the sabotage of our relationships, the flight from situations where we could feel rejected and, consequently, the isolation. We thus enter a vicious circle where we will only feed our feelings of rejection.

Several keys exist to heal this deep wound and finally live free. The first step is to become aware of it. Once this first step has been taken, the wounded person must forgive himself and others, stop running away and face his fear. Being supported by a professional, such as an hypnotherapist, will allow him/her to love and assert him/herself.

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