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About me, Laurence DELINOT

To be a coach, you need to be aware of your own path, to have worked hard on yourself and to have solid training. In my opinion, this is the foundation on which all support professionals are built. Then there’s motivation and a taste for helping others, as well as highly-developed intuition.

My personal journey

My school career was not an easy one. I felt out of step at school, a dysfunctional family context. In spite of everything, I studied literature, and then trained in various fields, such as taking courses in panting and sculpture at the ateliers de la ville de Paris, as well as massage techniques and energy treatments.

I discovered hypnosis to work on certain blocks and repetitive patterns that were resistant to other therapeutic practices. I had already explored the subconscious with several years of psychoanalysis, and the hypnotic trance state I experienced during my hypnotherapy sessions enabled me to free myself more quickly and effectively from resistant blockages.

It was obvious: I was going to choose this path to help others free themselves! Training at theIFHE only revealed my “life mission”.

The spiritual dimension is present in my coaching; it’s a path ofawakening that reconciles body and mind. Since I’ve been practicing, I’ve never stopped learning, reading and attending conferences. A thirst to evolve and show the way to ever greater self-love!

Hypnothérapeute Paris Laurence Delinot

My qualifications and training

  • Practitioner
    Ericksonian Hypnosis
    Humanistic Hypnosis
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher
  • Desensitization and information reprocessing technique” training (=
  • Polyvagal Theory” training
  • Abus Incest Incest Maltreatment” (ABIIM) training – ongoing

While training is an important part of my job, I also enrich my therapeutic practice with a wide range of reading material. If you’d like to find out more about the books that have made an impact on me, I invite you to
discover my bibliography

My areas of expertise

Ethical framework

My commitments

Receive and support, in a benevolent and non-judgmental manner, any person who so requests, whatever their origin, political and/or religious convictions or social background.

Putting my skills and know-how at your service to guide you towards autonomy and freedom while respecting your own limits.

Guaranteeing professional secrecy. Anything that may be brought to my attention within the framework remains in the place of consultation and the time of accompaniment. If I have to take notes during the first session, your file will be automatically deleted when the therapy ends. I don't keep any information. If not your contact information with your consent.

Do not give any medical advice or make any diagnosis, as this is the sole responsibility of the medical profession. Refer to a healthcare professional if necessary.

Never influence for my own benefit.


Take an active part in your own development, be committed and motivated. I don't have a magic wand, and if you expect change to come from me, you're bound to be disappointed.

Be punctual. If you're running late, sending an SMS is quick and easy!

To postpone or cancel a consultation, please give me 24 hours' notice. You'll be allowing someone else to take advantage of your space, and me to better organize my appointments. If this rule is not respected, the session will be charged.