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Treating generalized anxiety and stress with hypnosis

I’m Laurence DELINOT, a hypnosis practitioner for nearly 15 years. Generalized anxiety is not inevitable: gain serenity thanks to the different therapeutic approaches I offer!

On this page, learn the difference between anxiety and stress, and discover how Ericksonian or humanist hypnotherapy can treat these disorders.

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hypnose anti angoisse

What are the symptoms of generalized anxiety?

Generalized anxiety is characterized by a diffuse sensation ofpermanent anguish andoppression, with physical symptoms that impact daily life. People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder are preoccupied with their work, their health, their relationship or their family… without really having any reason to be. It anticipates difficulties.

This anxiety generates stress, which generates anxiety. The anxious person operates in a closed circuit, like a hamster in its wheel. She feels what she thinks and thinks what she feels. It’s the infernal psycho-emotional cycle in which she’s trapped.

hypnose anxiété généralisée

Symptoms include

  • excessive anxiety about a subject or in general
  • a state of mental and physical agitation
  • sleep disorders
  • constant fatigue
  • concentration problems
  • memory loss
  • mood swings linked to irritability and fatigue
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • phobias, anxiety attacks or panic attacks

What’s the difference between anxiety and stress?

Stress is a physiological reaction to stressors. It’s a mechanism that enables the individual to adapt to change and the environment.

In certain stressful situations, such as public speaking or driving tests, the brain triggers the alarm and releases large quantities of cortisol, one of the main stress hormones. We can then react in emergency situations by fleeing or attacking, or by playing dead, i.e. by cutting ourselves off from our feelings. The stress we’re talking about here is beneficial.

When we experience stress on a daily basis as a result of various environmental stimuli – work, school, performance – stress becomes chronic and damaging to our health, leading to anxiety disorders.

Anxiety is not a physiological response to a threatening situation, but an anticipation of situations that could be threatening. However, the physical symptoms can be very similar.

Can hypnosis cure anxiety attacks and stress?

Hypnosis is recommended for treating anxiety attacks and anxiety in general. Using targeted suggestions to bring about a deep state of relaxation, the person can find the resources within themselves to look at life more realistically. Self-hypnosis with autosuggestions is recommended in conjunction with conscious breathing.

What form of hypnosis for anxiety?

Ericksonian hypnosis for stress management

The power ofericksonian hypnosis is to induce deep relaxation of the body and mind, to suggest to the subconscious mind to master fear in stressful situations and to develop positive thoughts, whether through visualization or metaphor.

The hypnotherapist can suggest self-hypnosis techniques to relax the body through breathing and body scanning. During this session, the person is calm and relaxed, while visualizing the situation that may have caused stress or panic attacks. The brain then registers this new information.

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Humanist hypnosis to calm anxiety

Humanist hypnosis uses a different technique to manage emotions and calm anxieties, going straight to the source to understand the behavior that has lodged itself in the subconscious mind.

We work consciously with the hidden parts. The direct association with the old emotion experienced by the “little me” is released in this space of hyper-awareness as an unconditional presence that welcomes and heals. Humanist hypnosis does not deny its spiritual dimension, which will speak to some more than to others. It is seen more as a path than a simple technique. Many new insights are emerging, leading to radical changes.

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