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Hypnosis for a lasting quit

Do you want to free yourself from cigarettes? Have you heard about the effectiveness of hypnosis for smoking cessation? In just two sessions, become a non-smoker!

Find out on this page about the benefits of quitting smoking, the obstacles to smoking cessation (such as ingrained habits and associated fears), and learn how hypnotherapy offers an effective method for quitting smoking for good.

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hypnose pour arreter de fumer

Good reasons to quit smoking with hypnosis?

stop tabac hypnose

To stop smoking, you need willpower and a good reason. We have to decide. The reasons that drive a person to consult a hypnotherapist for smoking cessation is mainly for health, to get a new lease on life, to free yourself from a harmful habit, to avoid setting a bad example for your children, out of disgust, to stop throwing money away, for pregnancy, before an operation and for end-of-year resolutions.

1. The impact of tobacco on health

Smoking means taking the risk of developing cancer. One cancer out of three is caused by smoking. Cancer of the lung, mouth, throat, lips, kidneys and uterus. Other tobacco-related diseases includemyocardial infarction,stroke,hypertension,aneurysm and erectile dysfunction.

Smokers are obviously unaware that they are taking a risk every day when they light up. On the other hand, people who decide to stop smoking report problems with their breathing, and see their skin turn grey.

2. The financial cost

Cost is also a good reason to quit smoking. The price of a pack of cigarettes is constantly on the rise, and for some it’s a powerful argument. Calculate your tobacco budget per month, then per year. In our sessions, people are surprised to realize that they could afford a trip with the money they spend to ruin their health – it makes you think!

Barriers to smoking cessation

It’s hard to change habits. The act of smoking is a positive anchor for most when this behavior was initially associated with freedom, gaining confidence by doing as others do, then once well hooked it became the means of illusory stress relief. It’s also a pleasure. Cigarettes have long been an ally. She’s as loyal as a blanket. Quitting smoking means saying goodbye to cigarettes. It’s letting go of your security blanket!

If only it were as simple as saying “now I’m grown up I don’t need you anymore”! A number of obstacles can stand in the way of a smoker wishing to quit: the fear of change, of moving from the known to the unknown, like the the belief that one is going to be lacking and therefore suffer, that one is going to put on weight and therefore feel bad about one’s body, that one is going to be irritable and therefore be bad with others, the fear of not succeeding and not lasting…

Hypnosis to help you quit smoking

Smoking is an addictive behavior. Like all conditioned behaviors, it takes place at the unconscious level. Nicotine is also an addictive chemical substance, but it is possible to reprogram the behavior under hypnosis to gradually free the body from withdrawal. Testimonials from former heavy smokers who underwent hypnosis to quit are proof of this. Hypnosis is the most effective way to go back to being a non-smoker!

The hypnosis method for quitting smoking for good

Ericksonian hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking for good. The session begins by gathering information on smoking habits. If necessary, the hypnotherapist reassures the consultant about the hypnotic state, and after the session, about the stages of withdrawal, with a few breathing and visual techniques to reinforce the decision.

hypnose degout cigarette

The side effect of a hypnotic trance is always a feeling of well-being that lasts throughout the day and even for a few days. During the hypnotic trance, the subject lets himself be guided, and the subconscious receives suggestions to implement a new behavior, that of a non-smoker. It’s as simple as that.

Stop smoking in 2 hypnosis sessions with Laurence DELINOT

In my practice or via an online hypnosis sessionI can help you quit smoking in 2 hypnosis sessions. The first session is for total and definitive cessation, the second session is to reinforce the inner will and anchor the new behavior over time.

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