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Hypnotherapy and assertiveness: regaining self-confidence through hypnosis

My name is Laurence DELINOT and for nearly 15 years I have been helping people to develop more self-confidence and improve their self-esteem through hypnosis.

Here I introduce you to the different signs of low self-confidence, explain the difference between self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness, and show you how hypnosis is a wonderful tool for dealing with this type of problem.

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What are the signs of low self-confidence?

At different stages of our lives, we come across situations where we lack self-confidence. Difficulty asserting oneself,expressing one’s needs and opinions, setting limits out of fear of conflict, excessive shyness, comparing oneself to others by depreciating oneself, anxiety disorders in general, are all behaviors that, when they persist over time, become disabling.

What’s the difference between self-esteem, self-confidence and assertiveness?


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Self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves. It’s a profound recognition of who we are. It means loving ourselves with our strengths and frailties unconditionally. It means respecting oneself.

The way we look at ourselves is obviously subjective, and is shaped by the experiences we have had through the prism of failure or success. But it also depends on the environment in which we evolve. If adults respond appropriately to the child’s needs by playing their protective role, the child will develop good self-esteem. Otherwise, he runs the risk of developing a depreciated self-image.

I have low self-esteem when I judge myself below others, when I denigrate myself, whether physically or intellectually. For example, telling myself “I’m a good-for-nothing”, “No one could ever love me with a nose like that”.


Self-confidence has more to do with our ability to act and the recognition of our skills. It varies from one situation to another.

In general, low self-esteem prevents you from having confidence in your abilities and asserting yourself. We could therefore say that self-esteem is the starting point, even if we can sometimes have good self-esteem and lack confidence following situations of failure. Self-confidence is a virtuous circle. When I succeed, I gain confidence, and the more confidence I have, the more successful I become, and so on.


Assertiveness is the ability to feel legitimate and at one’s place anywhere by easily verbalizing one’s needs, opinions and feelings. It’s the ability to set limits. Assertiveness is the result of good self-esteem. Assertiveness becomes easier with hypnosis!

Can I be hypnotized to regain my self-confidence?

Hypnotherapy for self-affirmation is a particular approach prompted by the desire to find the source of unconscious blockages and overcome them. Under hypnosis, the person is more receptive and quickly regains confidence, daring to be more assertive and developing better self-esteem.

Regaining self-confidence through hypnosis

Hypnosis therapy is appropriate to effectively helps you feel better about yourself and to move forward by rediscovering your inner power. During the first consultation, the client describes the situations in which he or she lacks self-confidence, and the hypnotherapist asks about the value he or she places on him- or herself. Depending on the answers, the hypnosis practitioner establishes a work plan with sessions in
Ericksonian hypnosis
humanist hypnosis

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