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Online hypnosis to free yourself from unconscious blocks

I’m Laurence DELINOT, a committed hypnosis practitioner since 2010. Here I present the many benefits of online hypnotherapy: learn more about yourself, change problem behaviors and resolve blockages.

Discover how online hypnosis works: a modern approach offering comfort, efficiency and adaptability for a complete remote therapeutic experience!

Book your first hypnosis session by teleconsultation (visio) now.

hypnothérapeute en ligne

Online hypnosis sessions follow exactly the same procedure as in the office. The focus is the same. You must have a good Internet connection, and headphones are recommended for maximum comfort. The advantage is to be in a chosen and reassuring environment for the person, and above all to save time and keep sessions regular, for optimum effectiveness of the therapy.

Does online/remote hypnosis work?

Yes, it works perfectly and some people even prefer it. Others who were initially reluctant, changed their minds after trying a session. They were very surprised at how quickly they let themselves go.

Can you be hypnotized over the phone?

The voice is the hypnotherapist’s tool par excellence for inducing an altered state of consciousness. So, yes, you can be hypnotized over the phone, but the hypnotherapist may prefer to see the person and the signs of trance on the person’s face to best guide you. Each hypnotherapist is free to offer telephone or videoconferencing for an online hypnosis consultation.

Can you be hypnotized by video?

Teleconsultation is ideally suited to different therapeutic approaches.

hypnose à distance

When should hypnosis be used?

Depending on the problems encountered by the consultant, his or her personality and liabilities, the hypnotherapist will choose the most appropriate therapeutic approach (humanist hypnosis, ericksonian hypnosis, EMDRNLP, etc.), or to combine several approaches over several separate sessions. You can make an appointment for a hypnosis session online in these cases:

How does a video hypnotherapy session work?

The procedure is the same as for face-to-face training. At the start of the session, the person recounts significant moments in their life (more or less recent), as well as situations that have aroused emotions within them.

As the hypnotherapist sees a natural thread emerging, he invites the client to close his eyes and quickly induces a more inner state.

Comfort is essential, whether you choose to sit or lie down. The duration of the hypnotic trance may vary, but is at least 30 minutes. Each individual is unique, and his or her experience of this session will be personal, often differing from one session to the next.

Make an appointment with a hypnotherapist online

Since 2020, I’ve been developing remote consultation with the same results. This enables me toopen up my services to a wider clientele who may not be able to get help because of location constraints.

Whatever your problem, if you’d like to try an initial online hypnosis consultation with me, I invite you to book an appointment directly in my diary.

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