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Fees for a hypnosis or EMDR session

Here you’ll find rates and useful information for booking your hypnosis session with Laurence DELINOT, whether at the practice in Paris 15 or remotely.

Good to know: Sessions are not reimbursed by social security, but may be covered by mutual insurance companies.

Hypnosis or EMDR consultation


1 session
in the office or remotely

Student or job-seeker rate


1 session
in the office or remotely

Stop smoking” formula


2 sessions (stopping + strengthening)
in the office or remotely

Book your session online now!

The number of sessions required varies according to the individual and the reason for consultation. During your initial consultation, I’ll focus on understanding your issues and your personal history, so that I can offer you the right kind of support.

For each consultant, I offer to carry out the hypnosis session in my office (in Paris 15) or by teleconsultation. The benefits of online consultations are manifold: you save time, you’re in an environment you know so you can relax, and it also means you can follow up more regularly if you have a busy schedule!