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Humanist hypnosis to heal your ills

Explore the depths of humanistic hypnosis with me, Laurence DELINOT, certified practitioner for nearly 15 years. I guide you in healing past wounds by working with the symbol of the inner child.

Discover the key differences between humanistic hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP, and immerse yourself in the many benefits of this therapeutic approach, which opens the way to awareness, creativity and personal fulfillment!

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hypnothérapie humaniste

Humanist hypnosis: definition

Humanist hypnosis enables you to experience an expanded state of consciousness. Closely akin to mindfulness, it aims to awaken the individual on his or her own path by becoming aware of the wider dimension of life. The humanist practitioner is a guide, showing the way with his or her know-how and toolbox. He doesn’t suggest, as in Ericksonian hypnosis, but helps the person to become aware of their unconscious blockages through a heightened awareness of their feelings. The body-mind reconnection occurs naturally with the symbols given by the subconscious.

When should you seek advice?

By listening to the consultant, the hypnosis practitioner defines the most suitable therapeutic method or plans to combine various approaches over the course of the sessions. Situations for which to consider a hypnosis session include:

What’s the difference between humanistic hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP?

Humanist hypnosis

Humanist hypnosis has a spiritual dimension, as it awakens the person to greater self-awareness and grounding in the present moment. It frees us from conditioning and limiting beliefs by bypassing the activity of the mind through breathing and feeling association techniques. It enables us to live more authentically and in alignment with deeply human values.

Ideal for people in search of meaning in an increasingly materialistic society based on profit to the detriment of the Earth and human beings. In a system that accentuates inequality, new generations and older ones alike are increasingly questioning their place and legitimacy. Humanist hypnosis is a therapy that rides the wave of 21st century issues such as ecology, feminism… with techniques that enable greater personal autonomy through awakening. Humanist hypnosis dehypnotizes the person from old thought patterns.

hypnose humaniste

Ericksonian hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis is a set of techniques using solution-oriented suggestions to enable the person to free themselves from unconscious behaviors that are causing problems, without the need to analyze the behavior or know its cause or source.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be seen as a therapy in itself, or as a tool to help us communicate better and recognize what is best for us in terms of values and goals. Often used in psychotherapy to learn how to formulate what you want in a positive way. NLP uses the brain’s information encoding system to change it into more positive language. It means seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty!

What are the benefits of humanist hypnosis?

There are lots of them! Be more aware allows us to understand each other better to be more respectfulof our environment whether it is human or natural . Awakeness can lead to commit to a greater cause that gives meaning to one’s life. It’s also about developing your creativity and finding your place in the world. To love yourself fully is to feel legitimate.

What are the limits of humanist hypnosis?

There aren‘t any, except for the ones we put on ourselves.

How does a humanist hypnosis session work?

The session always begins with an exchange of views on the situations experienced and the feelings they brought about, and whether this has been identified as a repetitive pattern. This is already a way of observing through consciousness. There is no analysis.

The hypnotherapist quickly invites the person to close their eyes and guides them towards an inner observation of what is present in the sensation as well as the wider dimension of the space around them, and to combine the two.

From there, images emerge and are transformed without any desire to control, thanks to very open questions from the hypnotherapist to the person who is not asleep, but on the contrary very conscious. Consciousness or supra-consciousness is at work, while the small conscious (“mind”) is anaesthetized.

hypnotherapeute humaniste

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