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Laurence DELINOT

On the path to awakening

«The greatest traveler is not the one who has gone around the world 10 times. But the one who has gone around himself only once.» GANDHI


My name is Laurence DELINOT, I accompany with benevolence and discernment any person determined to evolve into a better being and to get his life back into track. We are all creators of our reality without knowing it. If you are reading these lines right now, it is not by chance, everything happens at the right time when we are ready. Let your intuition guide you, maybe you will recognize yourself in what follows?


You start becoming aware that something is not right in your system. You ask yourself questions about the meaning of your life, and even about your life mission. It is not always easy to find your place, to affirm yourself. You are often tense, your body suffers, you lack energy, you often find yourself in the same relationship patterns. You find it difficult to trust anyone because you lack self-confidence, you judge yourself, sometimes you can even sabotage certain projects leaving the opportunities to others. Your behaviors (addictive, compulsive, obsessive…), your reactions, your emotions betray you even though you would like to control them. Your mind never leaves you alone until it troubles your sleep.


Today you decide to move forward, to free yourself from what hinders you, to overcome these obstacles that prevent you from blossoming and realizing yourself. You are aware that getting help is a good start to bring about a lasting and positive change in your life.


Whether it is for a deep need to know and love yourself more or to boost your memory and concentration, or to stop smoking, I am here to support you on your path.











Hypnosis is a doorway to the unconscious. The hypnotic state is a modified state of consciousness characterized by the slowing down of
brain waves.


1-  BETA Waves


Are those we experience when we are wide awake, when we are focused on a problem, when we think, when we analyze. In this case, the left half of the brain is more solicited than the right half.


2-  ALPHA Waves


The rhythm is slower. This is the slumber phase. This is what we experience when we come to consult a hypnotherapist. This phase arrives quickly because everyone is sensitive to it except for cases of refusal or hyper-control.


The body is very relaxed, we are very receptive to sensations (heat, weight, lightness, tingling) but also to suggestions.


Images as well as sequences with no apparent sense can appear on our inner screen. We are dreaming while being conscious because we are not yet asleep. During this phase it is common to be affected by emotions and memories.


3-  THETA Waves


One enters more into sleep and the trance becomes deeper. However, this is relative. It depends on the person and the sessions.


The phenomenon of hypnotic trance is therefore natural, we experience it daily when we put ourselves on autopilot, when we get lost in our thoughts while the body continues to move, folding laundry, writing for a lesson, driving …


Therapeutic hypnosis uses this natural state to access the infinite potential that resides in an as yet unexplored part of your mind. Apparently, we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity.


The dissociation or the expansion according to the type of induction chosen by the practitioner will work on different issues. Whether we associate or unify, the experience is always impressive and opens the way to a universe that is closer to ourselves.


My path


« Desire is the very essence of man, that is, the effort by which man strives to persevere in his being. »


To support you have to be aware of your own path. To have done a consistent work on oneself and have a solid training. All this represents the foundation on which, in my opinion, any support professional should rely. Then there is the motivation and the taste for helping others and a very well developed intuition put at the service of the role.


My educational career was not easy. I felt out of the right pace at school, in a dysfunctional family context, despite everything, I studied literature, then trained in other areas such as art, massage, energy healing (REIKI) driven by both a fierce determination to rise and the difficulty to operate with a right brain half more reactive than the left one. An unquenchable thirst for discovery constantly pushed me to question myself, to reinvent myself. Art finally revealed itself to me at age 30. I started to work on myself at the age of 24 with different therapies such as psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, energetic healing treatments, and then hypnosis. A few sessions, which allowed me to remove certain obstacles and above all revealed to me my life mission. To support and transmit, but also to paint. Everything took shape and meaning when I worked for an association that helps women suffering from anorexia and bulimia. At the same time, I was training at the French Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis with Olivier Lockert.


I quickly set up my own practice. I had no doubt about my realization as a Hypnotherapist. Today I am continuing to evolve on my path as a human being, therapist, painter and teacher, adding new tools, new techniques and, over the course of the last four years, the philosophy of Yoga complementary to hypnosis in its spiritual dimension. I followed a course to teach HATHA YOGA and YIN YOGA. I am happy to teach for the moment in small groups or individual classes for a personalized practice.


Life is full of promises, it is up to us to realize them.




Certified Practitioner in Humanistic Hypnosis – IFHE Paris
Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner – IFHE Paris
Certified NLP Practitioner – IFHE Paris
Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher
Certified Yin Yoga teacher


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