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Hypnothérapeute Paris Laurence Delinot

Hypnotherapy Paris: your hypnosis session with Laurence DELINOT

Welcome to my website, my name is Laurence Delinot. For nearly 15 years, I’ve been offering hypnotherapy support in Paris in my office in the 15th arrondissement, or remotely via teleconsultation.

If you want to free yourself from problematic behaviors, hypnotherapy can help you make concrete changes in your life in just a few sessions.

My practice follows a strict ethical framework with a commitment to non-judgment and respect for the person who comes for consultation. Let us guide you through the many indications for hypnotherapy!

What can hypnotherapy treat?

Definition of hypnosis

Hypnosis is a doorway to the subconscious. It’s also, and above all, a modified state of consciousness that we experience naturally as we fall asleep. Brain waves slow down from BETA (fully awake) to ALPHA (body relaxation, daydreams…). This is when the unconscious is most open to suggestion, while our analytical mind is on standby.

As a hypnosis practitioner, I induce this altered state of consciousness to suggest to the unconscious mind to set up a new program.


hypnose confiance en soi

Assertiveness and confidence

Regain your self-confidence with hypnotic suggestions!

hypnose anti angoisse

Anxiety and stress

Learn to better understand your anxiety disorder and regain control with hypnosis!

hypnose pour arreter de fumer

Stop smoking

Break the addiction and free yourself from cigarettes in 1 or 2 hypnosis sessions!

hypnose burn out

Burn out

Hypnosis can help you rebuild after this ordeal, or avoid it at the very first sign.

soigner la dépression par hypnose


Get out of depression with hypnosis, a natural and highly effective antidepressant.

guérir son enfance intérieure

Healing the inner child

Enter a process to heal your past wounds…

trouble attachement anxieux

Adult attachment disorders

Rediscover a more balanced and peaceful relationship with others!

hypnose troubles alimentaires

Eating disorders

Rediscover a healthy relationship with food and get rid of compulsions!

Different approaches (Ericksonian hypnosis, humanist hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, etc.)

I offer a variety of approaches in my therapeutic practice, includinghumanist hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or a technique of eye movement therapy better known as EMDR.

Each of these methods offers distinct approaches. For example, dissociation in Ericksonian hypnosis andassociation in humanist hypnosis enable us to approach the same situation in two different ways. When you choose to trust me to accompany you, I take into account your personality, your history, and the moment of life you’re going through. These criteria help me to determine the most appropriate method to help you achieve your goals and overcome the obstacles you face!


Ericksonian hypnosis, which plays on dissociation, is not recommended for psychotic or epileptic patients, unless approved by a doctor. Humanist hypnosis uses association, and can be practiced with anyone. However, a doctor’s opinion is always strongly recommended for serious pathologies.

Why is hypnosis effective?

Hypnosis is a good solution for treating many disorders, since it induces a modified state of consciousness that enables us to work in depth, directly dealing with the subconscious where our behaviors and conditionings remain.

It’s like trying to get rid of bad weeds and mowing the lawn when you should be uprooting. In this state of deep relaxation, the analytical brain goes into standby mode, allowing the unconscious to pick up suggestions in the form of metaphors or visualizations.
To use the image of weeds, we let the suggestions act in the unconscious, which processes them in its own way, only to realize later that behavior has changed. We’re uprooting to replant!

séance hypnothérapie Paris

Your hypnosis appointment in Paris with your certified practitioner Laurence DELINOT

What happens during a hypnosis session in Paris or remotely?

cabinet hypnose paris laurence delinot
Voici mon cabinet d'hypnose, situé 16 bis rue du Docteur Roux à Paris 15.

Whether it’s an in-office appointment or an onlinehypnosis consultation the session always begins with an exchange. The person recounts the key events of the last 2 weeks and the situations that have affected them emotionally.

A common thread emerges, and very quickly, by following this thread, I induce a more inner state by inviting the person to close their eyes to contact a state of comfort and security essential to the continuation of the session.

The hypnotic trance varies in duration, but lasts at least 30 minutes. Each person is unique and will experience this in their own way, often differently from one session to the next.

Sometimes there’s no hypnosis because it’s not the right time. The session then unfolds in the form of an exchange that can prepare the next session.

For eye therapy, the protocol is quite different.

What are the specifics of the first consultation?

During the first session, there is no hypnotic trance. It’s an indispensable source of information for understanding your situation and your request. This consultation, which is longer than the following ones, will allow me to determine a goal and a therapeutic plan for you!

What’s the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?

The hypnotist uses techniques to bring the person into a semi-conscious state for recreational purposes, to amuse or impress an audience. This is the case with show hypnosis and street hypnosis. Messmer is the best-known hypnotist. Hypnotists are often associated with “super powers”.

The hypnotherapist or hypnosis practitioner has undergone serious and specific training to practice hypnosis with the aim ofaccompanying people who express suffering and wish to free themselves from it. The technique is practiced with respect, within a strict ethical framework.

How many hypnosis sessions should I plan?

On average, 3 to 10 sessions are required, but sometimes more. Hypnosis is not a miracle solution, even if it is referred to as a brief therapy. Compared with psychoanalysis, which lasts on average between 5 and 10 years, 6 months or even a year can be considered a rather short time. It’s all relative!

The important thing is toobserve changes in behavior. The number of sessions varies from one person to another, depending on their needs, objectives, history and current situation…

How do you feel afterwards?

After a hypnotherapy session, you feel a profound sense of well-being. We often speak of a liberation, a clearer vision of situations. By all accounts, we’re talking about “more hindsight”.

The effects can last several days. You may also feel tired. It all depends on the technique used and the subject matter!

My latest customer testimonials in Paris and elsewhere

“Laurence helped me at an important moment in my life, before a pivotal journey of initiation.

These sessions helped me to understand and evolve in a positive way.

Laurence listens to your needs and adapts to you.

Thanks for all your advice!”


“Laurence, you’re a wonderful therapist. You established a natural and sincere relationship of trust, which helped me to confide in you and get to the bottom of my analysis.

I loved all the little tips/exercises you gave me over the course of our sessions in addition to our core work. […]”


“I’m working on my wounds, fears and blocks with Laurence. […] My life and the way I perceive it have changed radically. I’ve come a long way and feel in tune with myself. […]

Thank you for your attentiveness, your help, your kindness and your sincerity!”


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