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Hypnosis as a way out of burnout

I’m Laurence DELINOT, and I’ve been using hypnosis for nearly 15 years to help people who are experiencing a loss of self-confidence, energy and motivation, particularly in the context of burn out.

Discover here the warning signs of burn out, the stages of burn out, learn to distinguish between depression and burn out, and explore the benefits of hypnotherapy as a valuable tool for personal reconstruction.

If you feel the need, make an appointment now for a first hypnosis session in our Paris 15th office or by teleconsultation, if you wish.

hypnose burn out

Burn out: definition

Burn out is the disease of the century and the one to come. It’s a psychologicaland physical exhaustiondue to chronic stress that the person can no longer manage.

There’s professional burn out, the best-known type recognized by occupational medicine with sick leave, but there are also lesser-known types such as maternal burn out, for example. The mental burden of having to look after the house and children, as well as having a job, doubles the stakes. Women are the most affected by burnout.

What are the symptoms of burn out?

Symptoms are very similar, and in some cases identical, to those of
but the causes differ:

  • profound fatigue (the person can no longer recharge their batteries, even when resting)
  • sleep disorders with ruminations on tasks to be done
  • self-deprecation

What’s the difference between depression and burnout?

prévenir l'épuisement professionnel

Burn out is an exhaustion syndrome, not a mental pathology. Depression can occur after a trauma, an emotional shock, or as an anxious state.
state of anxiety
that progressively undermines the person’s ability to cope, and leads to a loss of motivation and zest for life. Depression can be the continuation and culmination of a latent state of depression, with undigested events from the past. Low self-esteem, lack of
lack of self-confidence
are also a component of depression.

The symptoms of burn out are very similar to those of depression, but the causes and triggers are different.

Burn out is the consequence of chronic stress, mainly linked to the mental load that weighs on the person at work or at home and that he/she cannot delegate.

The stress of performance in a society that promotes efficiency with an immediate return on investment is constantly increasing various physical and psychological illnesses. Burn out is a clean break that happens without you even realizing it. When you pull too hard on the rope, it eventually breaks.

People prone to burnout often have difficulty saying NO, setting limits and expressing their needs.

What are the phases of burn out?

  • Investment in one’s work is proportional to the desire to do well and achieve one’s goals, with an unconscious need for recognition. This is the beginning of the process.
  • The burden accumulates, and the person enters a state of denial. More time spent working, even on rest periods. Stress, insomnia, concentration problems, inability to regain energy. We’re chasing our lives.
  • The body says STOP! The person can no longer go to work, they are literally drained.

How to get out of burnout naturally?

Burn out is a way of becoming aware of one’s limits so as not to do it again. Taking time off work will allow you to rest long enough to rebuild and take time for yourself. More difficult when it’s a maternal burn out. Sometimes hospitalization is necessary.

How can hypnosis help you rebuild your life?

One of the main reasons for consulting a hypnotherapy practice is to understand why you couldn’t stop before? Why did this happen? And what can be done to prevent this from happening again?

Even if the person has become aware of the cause of the burnout, he or she is still weakened by the episode and seeks help to rebuild. The hypnotherapist works with the client to identify the unconscious reasons, and then helps him/her to rebuild.

Regaining self-confidence after a loss of self-esteem enables a person to look to the future in a more positive light, and to take charge of his or her own life once more.

In just a few sessions, hypnotherapy enables you to manage stress and reconnect with your inner self, anchoring yourself more quickly in the present moment.

hypnothérapie contre le burn out

Your burn out hypnosis session with Laurence DELINOT

A first
hypnosis appointment
or in the office allows us to take stock of the situation and establish initial contact. The person talks about what they’ve been through, and what seems to be repeating itself in their story. Perhaps she’s in the early stages of symptoms, or already in phase 2, or perhaps she’s begun her rebuilding process?

After this first appointment, during which information is gathered and a course of action established, the hypnotherapist will choose to use eitherEricksonian hypnosis, humanist hypnosis or eye movement therapy.

Thanks to altered states of consciousness through suggestion and visualization, or the treatment of traumatic situations through desensitization, you can gradually regain motivation, self-confidence and develop better self-esteem.

Once burn out is over, it’s a positive thing, since it leads to a profound rethinking of the situation. A professional orientation more suited to the individual may emerge.

Maternal burnout calls into question certain patriarchal principles that still govern intra-family relations. During sessions, it’s common to find that women take on several roles, and find it hard to delegate when that’s all they’re asking for. The story of this one will help us understand why.

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