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Hypnosis as a cure for depression

I’m Laurence DELINOT, a specialist in humanist and Ericksonian hypnosis, and I’ll guide you through a therapeutic journey to gradually get out of depression.

Explore here how hypnotherapy can help you overcome depression by addressing symptoms, triggers, and the most suitable therapeutic approaches, including humanistic and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

If you’re interested in the idea of a first hypnosis session in our Paris 15th office or by teleconsultation, don’t hesitate to book your appointment.

soigner la dépression par hypnose

Depression symptoms

Depression is considered an illness by the WHO (World Health Organization), not to be confused with temporary depression at certain times of life or a depressive anxiety state. To be significant, the following symptoms must be long-lasting and recur on a daily basis:

hypnose déprime
  • feeling of emptiness
  • feelings of despair
  • recurrent crying
  • lack of desire and pleasure for the activities you used to do
  • lack of meaning
  • self depreciation
  • hypersomnia or hyposomnia
  • irritability
  • weight gain or loss
  • suicidal thoughts

The difference between depression and anxiety

Depression is a temporary state inherent in the instability of feelings in the face of life changes, a bit like a natural coping mechanism. The best known is seasonal depression. It’s also a reaction when you’re going through something more or less difficult.

Depression can be seen as a little transitory depression to deal with the ups and downs. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s normal. Moments of depression are a sign of good mental health. Depression invites us to question what we are living and what we want to live. It’s time to take stock, to realize what we can give up to lighten our load.

When you’re depressed, you may feel psychic fatigue and an absence of desire that doesn’t last. It’s just a matter of a day or two, and you’re off to a flying start. There’s this natural resilience to being in life and getting back into the flow quickly. Talk about the blues.

Depression is a deep state of sadness and emptiness that sets in over time. Depressive symptoms must last at least 15 consecutive days.

Anxiety is a diffuse and permanent state in which the person negatively anticipates events, with a tendency to worry excessively about everything.

What triggers depression?

Life events are triggers, such as bereavement, a break-up, postpartum, redundancy, a series of negative experiences in which we feel powerless (such as harassment at work or school, a toxic relationship with a partner…).

The ground may be fragile at first, but not always. This may come as a surprise. Resilience is not in everyone’s nature, and the lack of support and listening can also be lacking. Loneliness increases the likelihood of depression.

Can hypnosis help to overcome depression?

Hypnotherapy is a form of support that takes into account the various symptoms of depression. The first step is to getthe person to express their feelings, what they experience on a daily basis, and guide them towards relaxation, which they can’t do on their own because everything is insurmountable for them. Hypnosis sessions help to relax the body and psyche and restore a feeling of lightness.

When the therapeutic space becomes a place of resourcing, sessions are increasingly oriented towards suggestions on the person’s resilience capacities. The hypnotherapist gives exercises to relax and naturally enter a modified state of consciousness to calm the mind. Sessions aim to empower the individual by helping them access their inner resources.

Different approaches: humanist hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, EMDR…

  • Humanistic hypnosis helps to heal the wounded and suffering parts of the subconscious mind. Step by step, we learn to give ourselves a place and the right to exist. We express our needs so as not to be overwhelmed by emotions and external demands that could no longer be integrated by the psyche in depression. Gradually, you regain a taste for doing every day tasks.
  • Ericksonian hypnosis may be best suited to some people at first, as the technique requires no effort. The person is more passive and receptive to suggestions. It’s only later that more in-depth work in humanist hypnosis can begin.
  • Post-traumatic stress can lead to depression or an anxiety disorder. The
    eye movement therapy
    is a good technique to help heal depression if it has been triggered by an identified trauma. Bereavement is an excellent indication for this practice.
hypnose contre la dépression

How long does it take for hypnosis to be effective against depression?

The number of sessions varies according to each person. On average, it takes at least 6 sessions to start feeling the positive effects.

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