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Hypnosis is an effective way to control your weight

Hypnosis is an effective way to control your weight

Often, the excessive kilos which we put on, are the consequence of our negative emotions. We eat too much, without being hungry to overcome some fear, to manage anger, to fill an emotional gap…

When we are faced with a stressful or anxious situation, we want to find a quick solution to feel better. What could be better than throwing ourselves on food and filling our inner void? It is important to determine whether we are feeling physiological hunger (needing calories and nutrients to move forward) or psychological hunger (needing reassurance). It is the latter that makes us eat more than we should and therefore gain weight.

Hypnosis is very effective in fighting against food urges. The practitioner will first analyze, together with the patient, the reasons for his/her need to compensate and to “fill up”. The hypnotherapist will then bring the patient into a state of altered consciousness and provide him/her with the tools to manage emotions, regain a positive self-image and reduce the intake of fat or sugary foods.

The hypnotherapist can also give the client tips on how to enjoy eating again, such as enjoying the present moment and eating consciously. That is to say, to fully appreciate what we taste with our senses, limiting as much as possible external interferences (such as noises, television, stress…). It is also a matter of taking our time to satiate ourselves and feel the signal of satiation.

Hypnosis allows a reasonable and progressive weight loss and a durable stabilization. It’s important to know that a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions are necessary, in order to allow people to regain their healthy weight. Generally, after that, they don’t fall back into the infernal cycle of food addictions and subsequent diets. They gain back a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet because they have been able to manage their emotions and anxieties.