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Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation


Sun salutation offers many benefits:


  • Eliminate toxins
  • Softening and strengthening muscles
  • To gently awaken the energy that circulates in us
  • Energize the mind
  • Stimulate vital organs
  • Tone up the digestive system
  • Burn calories and improve metabolism
  • Relax the mind and start the day relaxed and “zen”

Sun salutation is perfectly suited to be practiced every morning, instead of your usual gym, or just to help you get more exercise if you are not doing enough.



The Sun Salutation is a series of yoga postures. Each posture creates an alternation between “head up”/”head down”, “round back”/”arched back”, thus allowing the blood to circulate in the body. The resulting exercise is very complete and mobilizes most parts of the body.

There are many variations of Sun Salutation, more or less difficult. You can therefore choose a type of salutation according to your mastery of yoga or your form of the day.

On the internet, especially on Youtube, you can find a lot of videos and articles explaining how to practice Sun Salutation.

You will find below a rather detailed video presenting a common version of sun salutation.


Sun salutation is theoretically practicable by all, whatever your physical shape. However, if you are ill, pregnant, or have a weak back/wrist/neck… it is advisable to inquire personally before trying it.

If you have never practiced yoga before, Sun Salutation may seem a little difficult at first. But by practicing it regularly, your body will quickly get used to it, and after a few days you will perform the sequenced movements much more easily.

The ideal is to practice sun salutation in the morning before eating anything.

Choose a place with enough space, facing a window if possible. If you have a floor mat, use it. If not, you can practice without one and use a flat cushion for the comfort of your knees.

Do not force yourself. One of the principles of yoga is not to try to exceed your limits. Little by little, through practice, you will push them forward.