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How to protect yourself from toxic relationships?

How to protect yourself from toxic relationships?

In order to protect ourselves from toxic relationships, it is first of all necessary to know how to recognize personalities that might be harmful to us. Whether in love, in the family or at work, these people act on our psychological health and exhaust us, without us necessarily realizing it.


Negative emotions when in contact with toxic people


At work, toxic relationships result in a bad atmosphere, harassment, verbal and even physical violence. The atmosphere becomes unhealthy and unbearable. In the family, one has the impression of being constantly judged, attacked and not listened to. As a couple, there are neverending remarks, jealousy… All these behaviors at the end, degenerate into attempts to manipulate or destabilize…

When you are in contact with toxic people, you feel drained of your energy, perpetually annoyed, disoriented, stressed… You even come to lose your vitality, your self-confidence and your free will! If you regularly feel one or more of those negative emotions, you are most certainly in a toxic relationship.


Distance yourself or break up


After realizing that you are in a toxic relationship, the best decision you can make is to distance yourself from the person, or even to break off the relationship. Sometimes this is not possible when you are in a professional situation, for example. Other solutions can be considered to reduce the nuisance of the toxic person. The most important one is to work on self-confidence.


Working on self-confidence


Initially, the people close to the victim can play an important role in supporting him or her in the process of distancing him or herself or breaking away from the person. They will be a great help to “carry on” the person who often has difficulty in disentangling himself from the spider’s web woven around him.

Secondly, it may be necessary to be accompanied by a professional, such as a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist will give the victim all the tools to find the necessary resources to break with the toxic relationship. The hypnotherapist will allow the victim to get back in touch with herself, to become aware of her real needs and to regain her autonomy.