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Hypnosis practitioner


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“A journey of a thousand leagues always begins with a first step” LAOZI


The First Session


The first appointment is a key session that determines the whole therapeutic process. I receive you in a warm and welcoming place because it is essential that you feel at ease, that you trust both the setting and the therapist that I am. Trust is essential. It is the consultant-practitioner relationship that allows the sessions to run smoothly and to progressively erase resistance.


As the sessions progress, you take your place in this space, open to all possibilities. A reflection of your inner space.


During this first session there is no hypnosis as you might expect or as you might have imagined. Work begins here. Letting go of the beliefs to let the “new” appear. This could be like a typical analyst’s appointment except that my hypnosis training leads me to direct this exchange in a certain way. I am already communicating with your unconscious while reassuring your conscious part.


So I collect information during this phase called anamnesis. Reasons why you have come for a consultation and your life history with the most important events of your life until today. Your life unfolds in a short time and this is sometimes a bit confusing. Often thanks to trust, repressed emotions are already present, ready to come out. The different “wounded parts” in you can finally feel heard and express themselves.


During your narration of your own story, information in the form of images or feelings may come to me to guide you. I give them back to you. It is up to you to take them or not. Listening to your feelings is part of the commitment to yourself.


Please, note that the Smoking Stop sessions do not follow the same pattern (see. Tabac).

The number of sessions


On average, it is necessary to count between 3 to 10 sessions, sometimes more. Hypnosis is not a miraculous solution, even if we are talking about a brief therapy. Compared to a psychoanalysis which lasts on average between 5 and 10 years, 6 months or sometimes even a year can be considered as a rather short time.  Everything is relative. The important thing is to observe changes in behavior. The number of sessions varies from one person to another according to their request, their needs, their objectives, their personal history and their current context.

To ensure the effectiveness of the sessions, regularity is essential. Any interruption along the way can set you back and slow down the integration process. This therapy aims at re-establishing a link with your unconscious to become emotionally autonomous. The re-connection with your different parts still “alive” in the unconscious and in the body in an energetic way, is done throughout the sessions until the management of your emotions occurs naturally and the changes in behavior are significant i.e. visible by you and the others. The work on emotions is a deep energetic cleaning. Thanks to hypnosis, it is possible to fully feel during the session the emotion of the child who lived a painful experience, which prevents today’s adultfrom fully realizing himself. Everything we experience in the present resonates with our past. So we inevitably re-trigger the same scenarios with different characters. To get out of these repetitive patterns programmed since childhood, some of which have been passed on to us by previous generations, we must give ourselves the time and the means.

Years of experience have confirmed my vision that hypnosis is not a problem-solving technique in itself but a formidable tool for knowledge and re-connection to one’s deepest self. I am here to show you how to use this tool for an adequate number of sessions, the one necessary for each person.

We are in an era of profound restructuring and the individual must adapt to the coming changes by starting his own inner revolution.

I propose a package of 6 and 10 sessions that you can pay in various installments.

If you do not wish to commit to a package, you can of course pay for the sessions one by one, except for the smoking cessation which is only offered in two sessions.



Selected excerpts from a session …



A consultant whom we will name M comes for a lack of self-confidence that blocks her professionally and socially. This transcript is from the 3rd session. During the session we will see that the problem is the scattering of thoughts, which is proving to be problematic.

LD: Hello, how are you? How are you doing in your daily life?

M: It’s going alright, well, today it’s not going too well. But I am more able to impose myself, to say what I have to say.

LD: So you are more assertive, right?

M: That’s right. On the other hand, I have the impression that I’m a little into the fog. I don’t know if it’s because of that, or it’s just that I want to learn more, I read a lot, I search on the internet…

LD: What do you mean? Are you talking about personal development? About your knowledge of yourself and of the human being? About how do you work?

M: That’s it, exactly. I have the impression that I have a lot of information and I don’t know where to start and there’s also the fear, well I already know a lot of things and I don’t do anything in fact. I want to do everything at the same time…

LD: What is doing everything? For example?

M: For example, earlier I had watched a video on how to manage time, how to be a good time manager… And there is quite a lot of advice, but when I used to watch this kind of videos, I applied the advice for one or two days and then I couldn’t follow it… so I don’t know where to start, where I start…

LD: So we’re going to go back to what to start with. Let’s go back to the essential. The essential is your center. It’s being in your inner source. In the work that we do, there is a tool that we use in session. Start by trying to use this tool when your mind gets scattered. Be careful not to get intellectually scattered by everything that is said. Of course everything is interesting but you have to sort it out. Of course you can satisfy your curiosity, but if you lose yourself, it is a signal that it’s not the right way.

What we are doing here is a realignment of mind, body and heart. If you start something and then you stop, it’s a bit of smoke and mirrors. And I depend a lot on the outside. So you’ll find plenty of techniques in personal development. I invite you first to refocus on what we are doing here. Give yourself time to integrate the sessions. When you really feel more centered you will have less need to take from the outside, less need to do and more to Be. You will be able to feel what is right for you, what centers you or de-centers you. For time management it is the same thing.

What is your problem with time management?

M: When I don’t feel well, I can’t manage my time.

LD: For example, do you arrive late?

M: I arrive late, I can’t manage to do the tasks at work in the time I’m asked to.

LD: Because you are driven by your thoughts and emotions?

M: That’s it

LD: Do you have the impression of not living in the present moment?

M: Oh no, never, I spend my time anticipating.

LD: If you close your eyes right now, it is possible for you to find this space within you that we call the present moment. Just come back to your breathing and from that space, observe your thoughts as if they were not your own, as if you did not know whose thoughts they were… Words detached from each other with a space between them… Like this silence which occupies more and more your spirit and this well being which spreads in all your body…

And the session continues…