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“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid that the branch will break, because its confidence is not in the branch but in its own wings.”




Why do we lack self-confidence?


Self-confidence grows along with the person. THE EGO. We must therefore go back to our childhood to understand what pushed our confidence forward or, on the contrary, nipped it in the bud.


The environment in which we grow up is a vast network of individual and collective beliefs. At birth we receive a genetic heritage but not only that. Within us lies an infinite evolutionary potential. The little being we are contains its future already within it. An abundance of choices, of directions are offered to the newborn without him being aware of it. The unconscious, like a reservoir, fills up with time and life experiences.


If I am born in a family where love is the main value that is conveyed, where I receive a lot of love, I am valued for what I am, then I will have a good self-esteem. I will be creative and I will easily open up to others. If, on the contrary, I grow up in a family that values judgment, education, good manners, if appearance is more important than being, it is likely that I will grow up with an erroneous vision of myself, thinking that I must correspond to the image that my parents would like to see of me rather than accepting, loving me as I am. I can do more and more to be loved without ever loving myself.


The familiar context is not the only one involved and the point here is not judging the parents. They themselves have their own history, their wounds, their beliefs passed over to them by the previous generations. Self-confidence is a transgenerational affair that can be resolved in one person. You can be that link in the chain. You can be the link in that chain that decides to change. For yourself, but also for the future generations.


Society and especially school is another source of nourishment for our Ego. It’s a double-edged sword because it is at school, a micro society, that the social individual is built. The gaze of the other, different from one’s parents, one’s family, contributes to the construction of the Ego. It is an accumulation of experiences including beliefs, thoughts, emotions that condition our person and shape our personality.

“You, as much as anyone else in this universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha


Stop judging yourself


To love oneself is to accept oneself as we are with all our flaws. It is to love our vulnerability and draw strength from it. When we judge ourselves, we limit ourselves and see ourselves smaller than we really are. We perpetuate the injustice we have suffered and we inflict on our inner child the same treatment that parents or siblings or peers or teachers have inflicted on him. We continue not to listen to this precious part of ourselves.


Through hypnosis coaching you can tap into your unconscious reservoir. During the first session, we bring to light those limiting beliefs, those experiences that are still a hurdle in the way of your fulfillment.