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Hypnosis to improve self-confidence

Hypnosis to improve self-confidence

Hypnosis is very effective in regaining or improving self-confidence. The lack of self-confidence is often characterized by fears and blocks that prevent you from moving forward (fear of  speaking in public, excessive privacy, anxiety, fear of success …). You have certainly already had the desire to approach someone or to launch yourself into a new and exciting project. However,you let your chance pass because you didn’t feel capable of it. That feeling of not being up to the task most likely stems from a lack of self-confidence. You convince yourself that you will not succeed, that you will make a fool of yourself, that you will be rejected…

You can get out of this mental straitjacket and reach your personal and professional goals, thanks to a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist will work with you on the reasons that led to your unease. For about 45 minutes, he will ask you questions about your past in order to determine the exact nature of your blocks (negative beliefs, unconscious processes or memories, negative emotions…). He will then be able to identify your personality and your difficulties.

After discussing together your expectations following this hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will guide you towards a modified state of consciousness. He will communicate with your unconscious mind, using suggestive statements that will counteract your negative beliefs. He will allow you to mobilize your inner resources. On your side, you will hear everything he says, without falling asleep. In general, the effects of a hypnosis session are not felt immediately, but you will feel progressive changes in yourself in the following days. You will become more and more assertive and you will feel reboosted. You will then get into a virtuous circle and you will want to surpass yourself.

Each hypnotherapy session is very effective but, depending on the case, several sessions will be necessary. They will allow the patient to regain the physical relaxation and psychic appeasement necessary for the consolidation of self-confidence.